Who is every.alstroemeria?

every.alstroemeria is an initiative of growers and breeders of Alstroemeria and Florinca. The promotional committee has joined forces to enhance the visibility of this flower to the florist: what support can we give them to encourage more frequent use of the Alstroemeria? The colourful, lively nature of this flower make it ideal for every florist, while its long vase life and numerous possibilities for application makes the variety easy to use all year round. 

The majority of Alstroemeria growers comes from the Netherlands, but there is also a substantial supply from Africa and South America. Almost all growers are MPS A certified. This means that the flower meets the sustainability and quality requirements currently imposed by the market. The Alstroemeria is, basically speaking, a sustainable flower in itself: the flowers can be picked from one and the same plant in the greenhouse for many years. Also, the average temperature needed in the greenhouse is lower than that for many other varieties of cut flowers. Neither is the Alstroemeria very susceptible to viruses: biological crop protection is the most commonly used type of crop protection. You can read more about sustainability in this article or go to the FAQ page.

As the group collectively brings more than 70 varieties to the market, there is ample choice for every type of floral arrangement. The myriad colours, year-round availability and low-threshold nature of the Alstroemeria make it a flower that always brings something special to a bouquet or floral arrangement. On this page you will find a selection of ideas, inspiration and information about this flower. We also distribute a newsletter several times a year (subscribe via info@everyalstroemeria.com) and share tips and creations via Instagram and Facebook on a weekly basis. Have you started following us yet? 

A newcomer to the group is the pollen-free, graceful-looking Florinca. The stem with its many branches sports an abundance of small flowers, which are already open when you receive them. This makes the Florinca a genuine eye-catcher and is why it has been given a niche all its own within this initiative. Discover it here or go directly to the product range.

every.alstroemeria was established especially for the florist. We work closely with wholesalers and exporters so that every florist can purchase his or her favourite colours all year round and use them whenever they want. Are you a wholesaler, exporter, purchasing service and interested in a partnership? Contact us by sending an email to info@everyalstroemeria.com. Would you like to know more about the stage of ripeness upon delivery? Read more about this here.

We offer information and provide inspiration through social media and this website and hope that florists will share their applications and questions with us – through #everyalstroemeria, for example. Will you join us?