An Indian summer, bursting with colour!

Traditionally, fashion houses start their new season in September. Some of the terms they frequently use are comeback, Indian Summer or back2school. Which varieties go well with that? The Alstroemeria is a suitable partner for every bouquet this season too.

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After a summer with lots of holidays and high temperatures, this is a busy period for florists to start up again. That can be tricky: people on the Northern Hemisphere want to hang on to that summer feeling, while the run-up to summer is just starting on the Southern Hemisphere. Red, yellow and orange are colours that suit both. The advantage of the Alstroemeria with its long vase life is that it can be used at any time.

Did you know that there are many more kinds of yellow, red and orange than you might be aware of? There are also varieties with larger or smaller flowers, or with longer or shorter stems. Browse our Product Range or ask your sales representative about the possibilities within the Alstroemeria range. A solid base for beauty: you can be assured of the perfect solution with the Alstroemeria. 

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