Is the single-flower bunch a new trend?

‘By putting a few bunches in warm water, the buds of Alstroemerias that have just been bought open a little, so that everyone can see what beautiful colours the flowers have.’ We spoke to the growers of these varieties about one of the today’s most prominent trends: single-variety bunches.

The fact that Alstroemerias have an abundance of colourful flowers on each stem is nothing new. But the fact that they also lend themselves just as well to single-variety bunches fits in perfectly with the trend that seems to be taking place in the Netherlands at the moment. ‘Popular bouquets to pick by yourself, dried flowers, green plants to take cuttings from: trends come and go at a rapid pace. Today, we are noticing the popularity of the single-variety bunch: a beautiful bunch of flowers of one and the same variety. Many florists and purchasers do not know that the Alstroemeria is also ideally suited to this purpose.’

The growers allude to the flower that is often still green when bought by a florist. ‘Just because a flower has already opened up doesn’t mean it’s old. It is precisely because of the Alstroemeria’s long vase life that the stems can last for at least a week and a half.’ They know from some florists that they sometimes let the bunches ‘pop open’ outside the cold store in warm water, so that the flowers reveal themselves a bit. ‘If you do this you can offer the variety as a single-variety bunch.’


The elegant branches of the Florinca have many small flowers, which are already open when you – the florist – receive them. That creates lots of interesting opportunities! The inflorescence of these pollen-free varieties lends them perfectly to more elegant work: single stems in vases, eye-catchers or floral arrangements that make a grand statement

When elegance comes naturally.

every. Alstroemeria

The beauty of this flower lies in its strong base. The many colours can give a bouquet or floral arrangement precisely the right atmosphere, for every occasion and at every point in time. The beautiful colours and subtle flowers always leave enough room for your own creativity. That is what makes the Alstroemeria such an all-time favourite

A solid base for beauty.