Busy times? Choose for calmness in your core selection

Alstroemeria has an amazing vase-life, which is not only a great benefit to florists. Consumers can also enjoy colourful flowers for weeks if they’re offered bouquets, which were designed to be long-lasting.

See below timelapse. A florist has mixed the colourful yellow and pink Alstroemeria with other long-lasting flowers. The beauty of Alstroemerias is that they add a lovely flow to the bouquet, while you’re enjoying the stunning flowers on your coffee table, at the office, etc. 

Especially during the busy times around Christmas or in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, the Alstroemeria can support florists indirectly: with this flower in your core selection, making numerous bouquets and different arrangements is much easier as you can guarantee your clients a long vase-life for their purchase. 

What flowers would you mix with the Alstroemeria? Check out the social media accounts for tips or choose your favourite colours on the Assortment page

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