Is the Alstroemeria sustainable?

It is a well-known fact that the majority of Alstroemeria growers are MPS-ABC certified. The flower is not very susceptible to viruses and diseases, so less crop protection is needed compared to other varieties of flowers. But there’s more to it than that alone.

‘Did you know that the flower is also sustainable, as in durable? We can pick flowers from a perennial for years. That is a great benefit for sustainable production.’ The growers grow the varieties with love and are happy that the flower is not as susceptible to viruses. There is simply less crop protection needed. ‘If crop protection is used at all, it is 90% biological crop protection.’ Discover all the varieties in the product range straight away.

Did you know that there are already growers affiliated with every.alstroemeria who have calculated the environmental footprint of their flowers? You can request this information at

Plastic sleeves

‘One of the main reasons why we use plastic sleeves is to protect the flowers. Flowers just aren’t always handled with the utmost care during transport from the grower to the florist. If you try to find alternatives for those plastic sleeves, it turns out that many biodegradable types of sleeves cannot be processed properly at all. In the waste systems of the country of origin – which is largely the Netherlands in our case – the material is incinerated, which results in much higher CO2 emissions than plastic, including recycled plastic. That is why – for the time being – we are still opting for the best protection with plastic sleeves.

‘However, we are trying to reduce the size of our sleeves, so that a lot less plastic is needed in the end, without losing their protective function. Some growers in our promotional committee are also conducting tests with paper sleeves.’ 

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A sustainable circle

‘In winter, the temperature inside a greenhouse is generally low, at about 18 degrees Celsius. As a result, less energy is needed to grow Alstroemerias than other varieties of flowers.’ This easy-to-use variety also has another advantage: the flowers are hardly susceptible to fungi. ‘This is wonderful, because it means that we can use the waste derived from these flowers as fertilizer in the greenhouse!’ Good to know if you carry this flower in your product range as a standard. Not only that, the Alstroemeria is so pleasant to use and suitable for every moment that it is also nice to know that this flower has a very low environmental footprint.

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