What does MPS mean for the growers of every.Alstroemeria?

You often see it indicated on a sleeve or in the webshop of your wholesaler: MPS-ABS certified. What does this exactly say about the sustainability of the cultivation? MPS is a company that manages different certification schemes for the floriculture industry. 

The MPS registration monitors the level or use of energy, water, waste, pesticides and fertilisers. You can earn points per subject. Based on the total amount of points (maximum of 110) they calculate the qualification: A+, A, B or C. What a lot people don’t know, is that each product group has its own lower and upper limit. 

In The Netherlands, there are about 350 product groups, which ranges from buxus trees to tulip bulbs. The Alstroemeria holds a high standard as product group. It means that a MPS-A certified Alstroemeria is more sustainable than a lot of other cut flower varieties: very little pesticide and energy is used, which makes the product a safe, sustainable choice for florists. Each colour and variety is included in the scheme. More information should be available in the webshop of your wholesaler or by phone through your account manager. Or read more here [FAQ]

MPS is slowly raising the bar for every product group. First, they want to make sure that 75% of the growers are capable in reaching an A- or A+ status. If more than 75% of the growers has obtained this status, the lower limit will be adjusted. This works better, more efficiently and long-term oriented than when big changes are demanded at once. This way, each product group is able to permanently lower its use of energy and pesticides. More about MPS is available on my-mps.com.

Most of the Alstroemerias of every.Alstroemeria are at least MPS-A certified. Discover the range of colours and options through Assortment in the menu.