pure Florinca

What does pure Florinca mean?

The Florinca and its pollen-free flowers is a perfect eye-catcher for every bouquet. The graceful flower with its branches full of tiny flowers simply radiates power and a type of elegance you might never have suspected. That purity requires a unique approach. It is not without reason that its slogan is When elegance comes naturally.

What makes the Florinca so elegant?

The proud stem with its many branches is a bit reminiscent of an elegant lady from fashionable Paris, like you see in films. It is pollen-free, sustainably grown and has a wealth of already blooming flowers. The intense colours and branches full of flowers give the stem an unexpected elegance.

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How can I use pure Florinca to my advantage?

Its elegant allure appeals to a different kind of consumer. It is especially when a florist can handle this elegant variety well that his or her floral arrangements or bouquets become genuine works of art that deserve to be put centre stage – in the spotlight – and that demand attention. You will find some more ideas on Instagram.