How can I check to see if the colours I want are available?

Good news: the variety is available all year round. The flower comes in almost all the colours of the rainbow. Also, the pattern on the petals can vary from entirely uniform in colour to spots or lines. View the assortment here. The different shades and vividness in terms of colour may vary from grower to grower. 

Ask your salesperson or contact for the available varieties in your desired colour or search for the variety you want by name in your wholesaler or exporter’s online shop.

Where can I purchase the varieties?

You can procure them from your favourite wholesaler, exporter or trading company. Find out which trading companies sell our colours and varieties via the Purchasing tab and ask your contact for the varieties, lengths and quantities you want.

I am a buyer at a wholesaler.

Then we’re here for you, too. We collaborate with several exporters, wholesalers and trading companies. Would you like more information about the stage of ripeness upon delivery? You can find the relevant agreements concerning delivery here: Alstroemeria / Florinca. Are you interested in a partnership? Contact us by sending an email to info@everyalstroemeria.com.

How do I check the correct stage of maturity?

Are you a florist? The easiest way is to ask your contact person where you buy the variety. They know how to deliver the flowers to you, although most of them will follow the same guidelines. Buyers working for exporters, wholesalers and trading companies will find the applicable guidelines here: Alstroemeria / Florinca.