I just received bunches of flowers that have already opened. What should I do now?

That shouldn’t be a problem. Just because a flower has opened does not mean that it is old. Thanks to the long vase life, the stems can last at least another week and a half. Did you know that florists, after receiving the flowers from their exporter when they are still green, sometimes let the bunches ‘pop open’ outside the cold store in warm water and offer them as single-variety bunch? The beautiful colours attract enough attention and give a bouquet greater splendour than when the Alstroemerias are still green and in bud.

When should I put Alstroemerias in my bouquet?

That depends on what you want to make. The Alstroemeria is most frequently used as a supporting flower to complement other flowers in the bouquet. Still, you can get much more out of this flower thanks to the numerous buds carried by each stem and its extensive colour palette. Single-flower bunches, single stems in vases ... what are you going to make with your Alstroemerias?



What do Alstroemerias need?

The best temperature to keep Alstroemerias – and Florincas as well – is between 3 and 7 degrees Celsius. As always, it helps to use clean, fresh water and to remove the leaves. Here is a tip, for in the shop and at home: give the flowers some flower food and remove any dead flowers.

Alstroemerias can also be offered as a single-variety bunch. To do this, put the flowers in warm water, so that the buds open slightly, and your customers will buy a surprisingly colourful bunch of flowers.